Dragon Clash is the exciting card game of strategic dragon combat. Within each deck you control a mighty beast of legend, raising a dragon from hatchling to elder wyrm. Train it in a variety of deadly attacks and bless it with powerful gifts. Battle your friends and unleash your dragonís fury, feast on their hoard, and capture the treasured dragon egg to complete your conquest!

Each Dragon Clash Game Deck is complete and ready-to-play, featuring a unique dragon and style, belonging to one of four elemental breeds. Can you master the explosive red dragons, the crafty blues, the magical silvers, and the unstoppable browns? Victory lies in your claw!

"...The end result is a game that is a great deal of fun to play, evolves as the game play continues, and feels very satisfying, win or lose. Do play Dragon Clash the first chance you get!" - FatherGeek.com

"...Dragon Clash offers the in-your-face combat and breath-blasting thrills of draconic warfare at its most brutal." - Michael Tresca, Examiner.com

9/10 "...Dragon Clash is excellent and highly strategic card game for two players, which will be absolutely loved by all dragon fans." - Deskovehry.com
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