Game World
Dragon Clash is set in a war-torn, modern-day world. After suffering centuries of war, pollution,
and neglect, the dying spirit of Earth, known as Gaia, has called out to her last defenders in a
desperate plea for life.

Those defenders are dragons, each born from the destruction
wrought by the human race and bound to the elemental weaves
of Gaia. A savage red dragon may rise from nuclear fire, a
shifty blue from the oil soaked oceans, a mad silver from the
smog-filled skies, and a hungry brown dragon from the poisoned
ground of a toxic waste dump.

It was Gaia's hope that the dragons would be better than humanity and help
reshape the world in elemental harmony, but the violence that manifested the
dragons also gave rise to an entity known as Oblivion. Called "the Great Father" by the dragons, his influence tainted the dragons at birth, driving them mad with a lust for war.

Now the dragons not only battle humanity, but themselves. Ruthlessly hunting for the dragon eggs to satiate their endless hunger for power, the dragons wage an eternal struggle for dominance and the very soul of Earth.

A Dragon Is Born
Dragons begin as spirits tied to the elemental fabric of Earth. A dragon spirit is called forth by Gaia when a tear in the elemental fabric occurs. These tears most often appear at locations of great destruction or abuse by mankind, which are potent moments in Gaia's ongoing pain. The type of dragon that is attracted to a disaster depends on which elements are tainted. A raging forest fire may attract a red dragon, while an industrial factory dumping chemicals into a pond may attract both a blue and brown. Once called, the spirits manifest physically as eggs.

A dragon erupts from its egg as a mewling and uncoordinated Hatchling. Possessing incredible power, but lacking control, the Hatchling is as dangerous to itself as to others. To survive it must quickly learn to satiate an endless hunger with victory and the eggs of its rivals. Mastery of a Hatchling's raw potential can only come by seeking out and challenging fellow dragons to battle, and consuming the essence of eggs claimed in victory.

With each victory, a dragon grows in strength and size, shedding its skin to become Childe, Young Serpent, Mature Serpent, and finally an Elder Serpent. It is at this age that the dragon has reached the peak of its physical maturity. The Elder Serpent is a glorious being, filled with ferocious vitality and deadly beauty, but the dragon's journey has not ended.

A dragon may stay an Elder Serpent for months or years, but eventually the elemental spark within all dragons calls to them coaxing them onwards. When a dragon accepts their elemental calling, it beings to ascend into something greater - a Wyrm. For most breeds, becoming a Young Wyrm marks the beginning of the dragon's physical death. Scales may blacken and die, horns crumble to dust, and fur falls out in clumps.

By the time most dragons reach Mature Wyrm age they appear emaciated and ancient, but their combat prowess remains just as deadly. Beneath a dying body an elemental being of unparalled power stirs, until the last of the physical form is shed and the dragon ascends into a being of pure elemental might - the Elder Wyrm.

The Wyrm ages for a brown dragon are unique, however. Brown dragons absorb the earth around them as they age; their physical form growing and adapting rather than withering away. A brown dragon that eats a lot of craggy rocks and gems may sprout ruby horns and have uneven scales, while a brown dragon that eats moss and sand will have smooth, glass-like scales with vegetation growing over its body. By the time a brown dragon has reached the age of Elder Wyrm, it has become a literal walking mountain.


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